Food & Animation

2011-01-01 11:22:28 by beccahyman

I HAVE been animating. I put a lot of stuff up on my youtube,, either because it's plotless or because it's too short for newgrounds. And newgrounds loves long animations with a plot. I am working on a story I wrote a while back but it's only about 5% animated so far. It's about dreams and there will be romance and rage and people jumping out of windows. Screenshots are on my blog thing: 667989/dream-machine

'Part from that, I'm in this animation competition about biodiversity. I know, thrilling. I like killed myself animating and lip-syncing and all that and they went and uploaded it all pixelated. Aaaanyway, if you like it, you can just Like it on youtube and I'll win and spend the money on milkshakes and it will have allllll been worth it.

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2011-01-06 16:11:18

I missed you :D
Make some cool stuff, bro.
This year'll be THE year.

beccahyman responds:

dude, thanks
no worries, i honestly DO have this big animation i'm planning, i've just been doing lots of little things for uni (art school is amazing) and this competition. vote me up?

and get animating yourself!


2011-01-08 10:36:44

I'm on it!