Entry #1

Winter Flash Off / Christmas Collection 2009

2010-01-05 14:56:07 by beccahyman

"Here are the runners up for the day (poor guys!)

6. Wanderland., by beccahyman"

Shame about time zones; I uploaded that at about 2AM London time, trying to fix the flash ads code thing, so it spent most of its time in the flash portal while everyone in the world was asleep. Brilliant.
Ohh well at least I got it in before the deadline.


It's like 8 o'clock over here.


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2010-01-06 15:08:58

Thanks for inspiring me. I'm gonna animate now :U

beccahyman responds:

Ahhh you're welcome, i didn't know i could inspire! The hardest part is getting a good idea down... and walk cycles. They kill me. Good luck, message me when it's up.


2010-01-06 23:27:19

I just watched your 3 flashes and I gotta say you have some real talent, giving you've submitted only 3 animations. Your plots are really twisted sometimes, try to explain them in the author comments if you think they're "a bit" complicated because people here usually clicks something and expects a cock joke, people getting shot and generally randomness or a good laugh (my viewpoint). It's great to have real artists around here, I always enjoy some serious or thoughtful flashes like the ones you do (If I get the point in them)
Don't think I'm a bitch because my review and the comment that doesn't seem to appear (maybe you have to accept it first? not fair, let the spammers do their thing :P) I would be surprised if you don't get a 3rd place in your next animation, keep improving!

beccahyman responds:

It's weird because i didn't understand about the daily winners thing, and i looked back to the posts from the date i'd uploaded THE.LIFT. and apparently it was a runner up at number 7. so that's 7, 6, let's hope for a daily fifth next time haha.
Thanks. I'm working hard on these things because they're personal, but i don't want to bore people in the authors comments, it's just nice seeing how other people read them.


2010-01-07 23:49:20

I really like your stuff. CONTINUE

beccahyman responds:

Thanks, I will but it's SO MUCH WORK.